Volunteers needed

If you have some interest – and a little time – we know where a few volunteers are needed. These agencies and organizations serve residents of Kittery, Maine.

To learn more, come to our Spring Expo. There, organizations will be available to talk with you about volunteering. Before then, browse this website!

This list is updated about twice a year.


Spring Expo 2018

Join us – Tuesday May 1

from 5:00 to 6:30 PM
at the Kittery Community Center





To find opportunities that are best for you...

Click on any agency or job. Full agency information is at the top of the next page.

At any time, you can browse the whole list of [ Agencies ]... or go back to the index.

The next step

To talk with an organization, please use the contact on the [ Agencies ] page. Or... just come to our next Expo!